Thursday, February 1, 2007

Nithari - victory of propaganda

A very surprising event is happenning. Suddenly everybody is saying that the crime cannot be proved. Let me understand it correctly, people. Does it mean that we have taken 2 people in custody, raped their bodies and mind with chemicals and all the while we had no evidence that they have committed the crime.
On last count, this incident violates around 20 provisions of Indian Law. and various rulings of Supreme Court which has the strength of rule of law.
But wait, we heard that these 2 people were criminals from All the TV News Channels, Police also said it and then arrested them, CBI proceeded on the same grounds and senior politicians including Sonia Gandhi said that they were criminals who have killed kids.
So, by extending the logic that we put allegations on people only when we have the evidence, then all of these people had evidence. So either they produce it or they should be tried in a court on criminal charges of framing individual(s) for crimes not committed by them and trying to use the law to kill some people. One set of persons did it to increase their user viewership (TV Channels) and another one to get votes and score political points (Sonia Gandhi etc.).

Waiting to see, how it ultimately turns out.