Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nithari - I hate to be right this time

I hate to be right in my predictions on this case as somewhere there was a hope that justice will be delivered. I must say that I was an idiot in hoping this. Let us see what has happened since last I wrote on this.

On 12 February 2009, both the accused Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic help Surender Koli were found guilty of the 8 February 2005 murder of Rimpa Haldar, 14, by a special sessions court in Gaziabad. This verdict left the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) red faced, as the CBI had earlier given a clean chit to Moninder Singh Pandher in all its chargesheets. Both the accused Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic help Surender Koli were given death sentence on 13 February 2009, as the case was classified as "rarest of rare". On 4 May 2010, Koli was found guilty of the 25 October 2006 murder of Arti Prasad, 7, and given a second death sentence eight days later. On 27 September 2010, Koli was found guilty of the 10 April 2006 murder of Rachna Lal, 9, and given a third death sentence the following day. On 22 December 2010, Koli was found guilty of the June 2006 murder of Deepali Sarkar, 12, and given a fourth death sentence.

And then comes the real power of the powerful.


On September 10, 2009, The Allahabad high court acquitted Moninder Singh Pandher and overturned his death sentence.[39] He was not named a main suspect by investigators initially, but was summoned as co-accused during the trial. Pandher faces trial in five cases out of the remaining 12, and could be re-sentenced to death if found guilty in any of those killings. The same day Pandher was acquitted, the Allahabad high court upheld the death sentence for Surender Koli, former domestic servant of Pandher.

And where is the media?

It is silent. Why? Because children of Nithari are not Jessica Lal. I have started to lose my faith in the judiciary also.

It seems to me that CBI has successfully shielded another criminal and has covered up the organ trading racket.

Will only post now, when I see some justice being delivered, instead of making the servants scapegoat.

Same was seen in Aarushi murder case also.

Being poor in this country is the worst sin one can commit.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nithari - second round of judgement today

Today is the day when court provides second round of judgement.

Let us see whether the victims, some direct and some indirect - like dead witnesses, get justice or it is denied once again.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nithari - the story gets murkier

Lot of water has passed through the dirty drain by the side of Pandher's house, since I last wrote on Nithari.
It looks like that my prediction that Mohinder Singh Pandher will be saved by our establishment is turning out sadly to be true.

CBI in its deposition to Supreme Court has said that Mohinder is innocent in 10 out of 11 charges. In a massive attempt of investigative mis-carriage, CBI did not submit the confession of Pandher to the SC. It uses the law of the land and its own interpretations in order to protect the high and mighty.

In the meantime, On Sep 1, 2007, Jatin Sarkar, one of the key witnesses against Pandher was murdered in his hometown of Berhampur, West Bengal, and police filed a case of drowning in 2 feet water of a fisherman (Jatin Sarkar). Jatin has complained that he was being pressurised by CBI Director and other investigating officers to change his statement. How uglier can it get? The fence itself is trying to eat the field.

After Vandana, filed a petition in SC, news articles come showing that Bengal police is trying to protect CBI Director. State CID questioned Jatin's wife Vandana but does not dare to question the CBI Director.

Where are we heading? It is looking like that the whole establishment is up in arms to protect a paedophile killer. What can be the reason? To me it is looking as if the whole establishment is paedophile and is intent on saving one of its own. Cap that with the fact that in a year 45000 children go missing and around 11000 we never hear of.

Is it the tip of the iceberg.

This calls for a citizens enquiry.

For SC, this is the time to show that it is an institution which can be trusted. It must follow this case to its logical conclusion. Not only of punishing Pandher but also everybody linked with this case.

We are watching Chief Justice.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Nithari - victory of propaganda

A very surprising event is happenning. Suddenly everybody is saying that the crime cannot be proved. Let me understand it correctly, people. Does it mean that we have taken 2 people in custody, raped their bodies and mind with chemicals and all the while we had no evidence that they have committed the crime.
On last count, this incident violates around 20 provisions of Indian Law. and various rulings of Supreme Court which has the strength of rule of law.
But wait, we heard that these 2 people were criminals from All the TV News Channels, Police also said it and then arrested them, CBI proceeded on the same grounds and senior politicians including Sonia Gandhi said that they were criminals who have killed kids.
So, by extending the logic that we put allegations on people only when we have the evidence, then all of these people had evidence. So either they produce it or they should be tried in a court on criminal charges of framing individual(s) for crimes not committed by them and trying to use the law to kill some people. One set of persons did it to increase their user viewership (TV Channels) and another one to get votes and score political points (Sonia Gandhi etc.).

Waiting to see, how it ultimately turns out.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nithari Case - Moninder is a good guy VS Moninder bribed Noida Police

"CBI unearthed the killer AXE from a bush near Moninder's House."
The news item looks like an encouraging sign towards the resolution of this ghastliest crime in the History of Independent India. But is it? Let us take a look at the chronology of events and then judge the veracity of above incident.

  1. Dec 29, 2006 - uproar starts when skeletals are found near that house. Parent, Police, media all hunt around that house for evidences and traces which could identify the victims or give a clue of the carnage.
  2. Near riots happen around that house with fights between police administration and parents.
  3. People having Z+ category of security visit that area. That means that professional security people from NSG and local police searched that area for any threat to that VIP, I mean, Sonia Gandhi.
  4. The 2 accused were all this time in police custody and not allowed to go anywhere near that house.
During this time an Axe remains in a bush near that house and it escapes everybody's eyes.

How believable this statement is? So it means that somebody planted it there and if a murder weapon is planted then with what purpose other than misleading Investigating agencies. If Investigating officers with such vast experience behind them accept it then the whole investigation comes under cloud of suspicion. It has started looking like CBI is working towards a pre-decided outcome.

Today, 2 news channels, Aajtak and Star news carried 2 special reports. The report by Aajtak was geared towards showing the other side of Moninder, where his girl friend vouches for him and says that he loves children and can never hurt them. Couple it with Surinder, Moninder's servants statement that Moninder knew nothing about it, which is authenticated by Moninder. Monider says that he did not knew what was happenning in the house as he used to confine himself in his bedroom and drink. What we are watching is a concerted campaign to exonerate Moninder.

Let us look at the second report from Star News. It talks of a sting operation in which the reporter talks to an officer, Vijendra Singh, of Noida Police who was part of Special Investigating unit, 4 months back. As per him, Noida police knew about all this and was not taking any action as they were bribed by Moninder. He also said that Organ Trade might be involved. But the manner in which he said it was designed to make viewers ignore that part of his statement. 
Further as per Vijendra and Star News, a lady officer called Sarabjit Singh, was very intimate with Moninder
 and she also travelled to Allahabad to give witness on his behalf.

From its side, Star News made every attempt to close the case. Its anchor trying hard to prove that Moninder and Surinder both were involved and here they have produced an officer of previous investigation who knew about it. Hence, case completed. No further need for investigation. They can be taken to a court and with that video footing can be hanged and we can brush the whole incident under the carpet.

But they missed. They missed in a great way.

  1. The video clipping in which Vijendra was talking showed a date stamp of 2000.01.08. It is not an honest mistake. The professional news channels take always special care of the date stamping of their sting operations as they know it will be challenged in a court. So what made Star news show the date which pre-dates the incident by more than 7 years. Was it to build up a case of deniability in later times.
  2. Vijendra talks about money changing hands and his statement was that everyone from a sipahi(lowest level of policeman in hierarchy) to the seniormost police officers were bribed off. Now in order to bribe so many people for such a big crime, one needs lot of money. Mere 10 lakhs or 20 lakhs will not suffice. The only concrete thing he said was that 2.5 lakhs were paid to Vinod Pande. Now question comes that we never heard of Moninder as one of richest persons in this country. How much money was given and from where Moninder got that type of money.
This proves that high and mighty are involved in this case and an attempt is being made to make moninder and surinder the fall guys so that rest can go free. In this attempt knowingly or unknowingly media is playing a major role in trying to convince people.

The circumstantial evidences are piling up.

Will we ever get to know the truth??

Monday, January 15, 2007

Nithari - Paradigm shift in Investigation

CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) started investigating this case on the request of Chief Minister of UP, a couple of days back. Immediately a shift in process was seen. Whereas previously the police was giving more press releases which was geared towards exonerating Moninder, the owner of the house, CBI kept quite about everything.

They proceeded in a very professional manner of collecting evidences and got some, inspite of all the demolition done by UP Police previously. On the basis of those evidences, CBI increased the scope of Investigation and got the various sewers examined around that area to a distance as far as 1.5 km from the cursed house. Results were immediately there. Today 40 more bags full of bones were recovered. Some human body parts were also recovered.

CBI also raided various other premises in and around Noida. All of them linked with Moninder. Till now all the investigation was geared towards proving that missing kids of Nithari are the ones whose remains have been found, thereby trying to prove that it was an open and shut case. CBI debunked that theory and has increased the area of investigation by including Gautam Buddha Nagar and Bulandshahar. They have asked police to provide the detail of kids missing in those areas also.

CBI also poured cold water on a concerted attempt to prove that Organ Trafficking is not involved. They said that they are looking into that possibility as the sexual assault theory is not holding water based on the evidences they have collected.

Some observations by CBI :

  • Organ Trafficking needs to be investigated.

  • UP Police did a mishandling which can be classified as Criminal act and CBI is opening a criminal case for investigation against UP Police.

  • Lie detector and Narco analysis tests should have been done in Bangalore not in Ahmedabad as the Bangalore Centre is the one which CBI uses and it is more equipped.

  • Background collection of evidence and information which is crucial for Narco Analysis test was not done thereby making the narco analysis ineffective.

  • Proper records of missing children not maintained. CBI is unhappy that when they asked for last 2 years record UP Police was unable to provide that.

  • Moninder was arrested previously but he was let off on intercession of a powerful person. Who is that powerful person and why did he/she intercede on behalf of Moninder?

  • No evidence to support the rumour floated by Senior UP Police official on TV that Surendra, the servant, ate human flesh.

Disturbing observations and questions but at least somebody is asking them.

Let us hope that for a change CBI which is in the right direction sticks to it by asking more questions and getting the answers. Then it will upto Judiciary. I also hope that political pressure is not brought upon CBI to do a shoddy job as has been done in innumerable other cases. Point in example - The case of Ottavio Quatrochi leaving this country just before his arrest with the help of Capt Satish sharma of Congress(I). CBI was not permitted to investigate the role of Sonia Gandhi in this. It is well known that Quatrocci's were a close friend of Sonia Gandhi and Capt Satish Sharma acted on her  behalf. Moreover when current UPA Government gave a clean chit to the personal friend of 
Sonia Gandhi violating the spirit of Supreme Court order
it has not been investigated. 
So we can see that when powerful people are involved, it is not investigated. 
Let us hope that this case also does not go the same way.

If media wants to redeem itself, then it must now start a campaign to ensure that political pressure is not brought upon CBI.

Let us work together to bring the killers of those kids to the gallows and give justice to those kids.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nithari - A graveyard of Children

Dec 29, 2006. While the whole of India was waiting for the New Year to start, it was given a gift which made every Indian citizen to hang their heads in shame. In Noida, in the Delhi NCR, in the state of UP in North India, skeletans of kids by dozens were discovered from a house. This is the same Noida from where the son of CEO of Adobe a MNC software company, was kidnapped and the whole media jumped on it, senior officials of government spent sleepless nights and got back the kid. I am not complaining. It should have been so and am happy that the child is back with his parents where he rightfully belongs. The story which I am going to recount here is similar somewhat and different in a major impacting way than the previous one involving the CEO of a MNC.
For more than 2 years children have been disappearing from the village of Nithari and nearabout. It is located in Noida region. When villagers, who are poor daily labourers, complained to police, the police turned a blind eye towards them.
As far as police force and administration was concerned, these were not the children of an influential person. The same media which jumps up if the dog of an influential person catches cold, did not find time to send a reporter down there asking for the details. Off course, why should they? A daily labourer does not make good sound bite but scores of dead children do, and that is the reason, media descended to Nithari like vultures to feed on the dead flesh of dead children.
Then suddenly events started unfolding on a fast pace, the same police which could not find those kids suddenly knew that they have been victims of sexual abuse and after being sexually abused have been killed. This was all even before any forensic examination of the skeletal remains has been done. Police also knew that all this has been done by the servant and he has also tried to eat the flesh of the kids after killing them.
Media of all colors was visible at Nithari with pretty and ugly faces acting like forensic experts and analysing the whole crime by just looking at the bones. They were able to tell that these were the bones of the kids who have been sexually assaulted and then killed. A propaganda effort of stupendous dimension.
In the meantime digging in and around that house, D-5, has started.

As can be seen from the pictures above, it did not look like as if a hunt was being done to find evidence of a crime, rather it looks like a demolition is being done. It was a demolition, not of a building, but of the evidences of a crime, so that the original criminals can never be caught.

All the politicians scenting blood of the Chief Minister, descended on the village like locusts. Ostensibly, they had come to console the villagers. In reality, they came just to collect political points.
The political establishment set up a price of 500,000 Rupees and a plot of land for every kid to be given to their parents.

An insensitiveness of the worst kind. I wonder, why they did not offer the same to the Adobe CEO instead of running for finding his kid. Was the reason that Adobe CEO is an influential person whereas these poor people are not.

Protest rallies were held by kids.

But it is an adminstration which does not care for such rallies.
And what was our much vaulted Judiciary doing. Supreme Court refused to entertain a Public Interest Litigation demanding CBI probe. Let us not forget that quite some time back, One of the justices of Calcutta High Court, Amitabh Lala, has initiated suo-moto proceedings and banned rallies by people when his car got stuck in a traffic jam in calcutta. Our judges are quick to launch suo moto cases when it involves them, but those kids are not their kids, so off course no question arises of providing legal protection or remedy to them.

In the meantime, even before full investigation of the case was completed, the police came up with the theory of sexual angle and the media started publicising that on a war footing as the below image will show :

Media in its haste to implant into the minds of people that this is a case of crime involving deranged persons, got the names also wrong at times. The name of the servant is Surendra and not Subhash. Media was doing it to drown out the voices which are asking questions. Questions which lead to a bigger crime of Human Organ traficking.
This clamour by all involved is easy to understand when we look at the profile of recipients, if there were any. They won't be an average person with average income. These will be people of influential nature as only they can afford such organs. So, in order to protect them media has to put up a clamour.
The picture becomes complete when we look at a couple of other statements.
The doctors who conducted forensic examination of remains said " The cuts are professional in nature." The doctors who haven't even seen the remains said that even if cuts are professional it does not lead to organ traficking. They are trying to nip it in bud. Media after reporting it for one day, put up a blanket on this point.
The owner of house Moninder Pandher, said that I have been caught but  I will tell many stories and suddenly we find, police, administration and media trying to prove that he was not involved, he is just a person who avails of paid sex, it was his servant Surendra aka satish who is the culprit behind all this.

Now this things are becoming too coincidental to be coincidences.

Conclusion - this case is not a case of sexual assault and murder. This has much deeper ramifications.

P.S. - Police are also claiming that the skeletal remains are those of the missing children even before dna test has been done. They are plain overlooking the fact that these might be different children than the ones missing.