Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nithari Case - Moninder is a good guy VS Moninder bribed Noida Police

"CBI unearthed the killer AXE from a bush near Moninder's House."
The news item looks like an encouraging sign towards the resolution of this ghastliest crime in the History of Independent India. But is it? Let us take a look at the chronology of events and then judge the veracity of above incident.

  1. Dec 29, 2006 - uproar starts when skeletals are found near that house. Parent, Police, media all hunt around that house for evidences and traces which could identify the victims or give a clue of the carnage.
  2. Near riots happen around that house with fights between police administration and parents.
  3. People having Z+ category of security visit that area. That means that professional security people from NSG and local police searched that area for any threat to that VIP, I mean, Sonia Gandhi.
  4. The 2 accused were all this time in police custody and not allowed to go anywhere near that house.
During this time an Axe remains in a bush near that house and it escapes everybody's eyes.

How believable this statement is? So it means that somebody planted it there and if a murder weapon is planted then with what purpose other than misleading Investigating agencies. If Investigating officers with such vast experience behind them accept it then the whole investigation comes under cloud of suspicion. It has started looking like CBI is working towards a pre-decided outcome.

Today, 2 news channels, Aajtak and Star news carried 2 special reports. The report by Aajtak was geared towards showing the other side of Moninder, where his girl friend vouches for him and says that he loves children and can never hurt them. Couple it with Surinder, Moninder's servants statement that Moninder knew nothing about it, which is authenticated by Moninder. Monider says that he did not knew what was happenning in the house as he used to confine himself in his bedroom and drink. What we are watching is a concerted campaign to exonerate Moninder.

Let us look at the second report from Star News. It talks of a sting operation in which the reporter talks to an officer, Vijendra Singh, of Noida Police who was part of Special Investigating unit, 4 months back. As per him, Noida police knew about all this and was not taking any action as they were bribed by Moninder. He also said that Organ Trade might be involved. But the manner in which he said it was designed to make viewers ignore that part of his statement. 
Further as per Vijendra and Star News, a lady officer called Sarabjit Singh, was very intimate with Moninder
 and she also travelled to Allahabad to give witness on his behalf.

From its side, Star News made every attempt to close the case. Its anchor trying hard to prove that Moninder and Surinder both were involved and here they have produced an officer of previous investigation who knew about it. Hence, case completed. No further need for investigation. They can be taken to a court and with that video footing can be hanged and we can brush the whole incident under the carpet.

But they missed. They missed in a great way.

  1. The video clipping in which Vijendra was talking showed a date stamp of 2000.01.08. It is not an honest mistake. The professional news channels take always special care of the date stamping of their sting operations as they know it will be challenged in a court. So what made Star news show the date which pre-dates the incident by more than 7 years. Was it to build up a case of deniability in later times.
  2. Vijendra talks about money changing hands and his statement was that everyone from a sipahi(lowest level of policeman in hierarchy) to the seniormost police officers were bribed off. Now in order to bribe so many people for such a big crime, one needs lot of money. Mere 10 lakhs or 20 lakhs will not suffice. The only concrete thing he said was that 2.5 lakhs were paid to Vinod Pande. Now question comes that we never heard of Moninder as one of richest persons in this country. How much money was given and from where Moninder got that type of money.
This proves that high and mighty are involved in this case and an attempt is being made to make moninder and surinder the fall guys so that rest can go free. In this attempt knowingly or unknowingly media is playing a major role in trying to convince people.

The circumstantial evidences are piling up.

Will we ever get to know the truth??


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