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Nithari - A graveyard of Children

Dec 29, 2006. While the whole of India was waiting for the New Year to start, it was given a gift which made every Indian citizen to hang their heads in shame. In Noida, in the Delhi NCR, in the state of UP in North India, skeletans of kids by dozens were discovered from a house. This is the same Noida from where the son of CEO of Adobe a MNC software company, was kidnapped and the whole media jumped on it, senior officials of government spent sleepless nights and got back the kid. I am not complaining. It should have been so and am happy that the child is back with his parents where he rightfully belongs. The story which I am going to recount here is similar somewhat and different in a major impacting way than the previous one involving the CEO of a MNC.
For more than 2 years children have been disappearing from the village of Nithari and nearabout. It is located in Noida region. When villagers, who are poor daily labourers, complained to police, the police turned a blind eye towards them.
As far as police force and administration was concerned, these were not the children of an influential person. The same media which jumps up if the dog of an influential person catches cold, did not find time to send a reporter down there asking for the details. Off course, why should they? A daily labourer does not make good sound bite but scores of dead children do, and that is the reason, media descended to Nithari like vultures to feed on the dead flesh of dead children.
Then suddenly events started unfolding on a fast pace, the same police which could not find those kids suddenly knew that they have been victims of sexual abuse and after being sexually abused have been killed. This was all even before any forensic examination of the skeletal remains has been done. Police also knew that all this has been done by the servant and he has also tried to eat the flesh of the kids after killing them.
Media of all colors was visible at Nithari with pretty and ugly faces acting like forensic experts and analysing the whole crime by just looking at the bones. They were able to tell that these were the bones of the kids who have been sexually assaulted and then killed. A propaganda effort of stupendous dimension.
In the meantime digging in and around that house, D-5, has started.

As can be seen from the pictures above, it did not look like as if a hunt was being done to find evidence of a crime, rather it looks like a demolition is being done. It was a demolition, not of a building, but of the evidences of a crime, so that the original criminals can never be caught.

All the politicians scenting blood of the Chief Minister, descended on the village like locusts. Ostensibly, they had come to console the villagers. In reality, they came just to collect political points.
The political establishment set up a price of 500,000 Rupees and a plot of land for every kid to be given to their parents.

An insensitiveness of the worst kind. I wonder, why they did not offer the same to the Adobe CEO instead of running for finding his kid. Was the reason that Adobe CEO is an influential person whereas these poor people are not.

Protest rallies were held by kids.

But it is an adminstration which does not care for such rallies.
And what was our much vaulted Judiciary doing. Supreme Court refused to entertain a Public Interest Litigation demanding CBI probe. Let us not forget that quite some time back, One of the justices of Calcutta High Court, Amitabh Lala, has initiated suo-moto proceedings and banned rallies by people when his car got stuck in a traffic jam in calcutta. Our judges are quick to launch suo moto cases when it involves them, but those kids are not their kids, so off course no question arises of providing legal protection or remedy to them.

In the meantime, even before full investigation of the case was completed, the police came up with the theory of sexual angle and the media started publicising that on a war footing as the below image will show :

Media in its haste to implant into the minds of people that this is a case of crime involving deranged persons, got the names also wrong at times. The name of the servant is Surendra and not Subhash. Media was doing it to drown out the voices which are asking questions. Questions which lead to a bigger crime of Human Organ traficking.
This clamour by all involved is easy to understand when we look at the profile of recipients, if there were any. They won't be an average person with average income. These will be people of influential nature as only they can afford such organs. So, in order to protect them media has to put up a clamour.
The picture becomes complete when we look at a couple of other statements.
The doctors who conducted forensic examination of remains said " The cuts are professional in nature." The doctors who haven't even seen the remains said that even if cuts are professional it does not lead to organ traficking. They are trying to nip it in bud. Media after reporting it for one day, put up a blanket on this point.
The owner of house Moninder Pandher, said that I have been caught but  I will tell many stories and suddenly we find, police, administration and media trying to prove that he was not involved, he is just a person who avails of paid sex, it was his servant Surendra aka satish who is the culprit behind all this.

Now this things are becoming too coincidental to be coincidences.

Conclusion - this case is not a case of sexual assault and murder. This has much deeper ramifications.

P.S. - Police are also claiming that the skeletal remains are those of the missing children even before dna test has been done. They are plain overlooking the fact that these might be different children than the ones missing.

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