Monday, January 15, 2007

Nithari - Paradigm shift in Investigation

CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) started investigating this case on the request of Chief Minister of UP, a couple of days back. Immediately a shift in process was seen. Whereas previously the police was giving more press releases which was geared towards exonerating Moninder, the owner of the house, CBI kept quite about everything.

They proceeded in a very professional manner of collecting evidences and got some, inspite of all the demolition done by UP Police previously. On the basis of those evidences, CBI increased the scope of Investigation and got the various sewers examined around that area to a distance as far as 1.5 km from the cursed house. Results were immediately there. Today 40 more bags full of bones were recovered. Some human body parts were also recovered.

CBI also raided various other premises in and around Noida. All of them linked with Moninder. Till now all the investigation was geared towards proving that missing kids of Nithari are the ones whose remains have been found, thereby trying to prove that it was an open and shut case. CBI debunked that theory and has increased the area of investigation by including Gautam Buddha Nagar and Bulandshahar. They have asked police to provide the detail of kids missing in those areas also.

CBI also poured cold water on a concerted attempt to prove that Organ Trafficking is not involved. They said that they are looking into that possibility as the sexual assault theory is not holding water based on the evidences they have collected.

Some observations by CBI :

  • Organ Trafficking needs to be investigated.

  • UP Police did a mishandling which can be classified as Criminal act and CBI is opening a criminal case for investigation against UP Police.

  • Lie detector and Narco analysis tests should have been done in Bangalore not in Ahmedabad as the Bangalore Centre is the one which CBI uses and it is more equipped.

  • Background collection of evidence and information which is crucial for Narco Analysis test was not done thereby making the narco analysis ineffective.

  • Proper records of missing children not maintained. CBI is unhappy that when they asked for last 2 years record UP Police was unable to provide that.

  • Moninder was arrested previously but he was let off on intercession of a powerful person. Who is that powerful person and why did he/she intercede on behalf of Moninder?

  • No evidence to support the rumour floated by Senior UP Police official on TV that Surendra, the servant, ate human flesh.

Disturbing observations and questions but at least somebody is asking them.

Let us hope that for a change CBI which is in the right direction sticks to it by asking more questions and getting the answers. Then it will upto Judiciary. I also hope that political pressure is not brought upon CBI to do a shoddy job as has been done in innumerable other cases. Point in example - The case of Ottavio Quatrochi leaving this country just before his arrest with the help of Capt Satish sharma of Congress(I). CBI was not permitted to investigate the role of Sonia Gandhi in this. It is well known that Quatrocci's were a close friend of Sonia Gandhi and Capt Satish Sharma acted on her  behalf. Moreover when current UPA Government gave a clean chit to the personal friend of 
Sonia Gandhi violating the spirit of Supreme Court order
it has not been investigated. 
So we can see that when powerful people are involved, it is not investigated. 
Let us hope that this case also does not go the same way.

If media wants to redeem itself, then it must now start a campaign to ensure that political pressure is not brought upon CBI.

Let us work together to bring the killers of those kids to the gallows and give justice to those kids.

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