Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nithari - the story gets murkier

Lot of water has passed through the dirty drain by the side of Pandher's house, since I last wrote on Nithari.
It looks like that my prediction that Mohinder Singh Pandher will be saved by our establishment is turning out sadly to be true.

CBI in its deposition to Supreme Court has said that Mohinder is innocent in 10 out of 11 charges. In a massive attempt of investigative mis-carriage, CBI did not submit the confession of Pandher to the SC. It uses the law of the land and its own interpretations in order to protect the high and mighty.

In the meantime, On Sep 1, 2007, Jatin Sarkar, one of the key witnesses against Pandher was murdered in his hometown of Berhampur, West Bengal, and police filed a case of drowning in 2 feet water of a fisherman (Jatin Sarkar). Jatin has complained that he was being pressurised by CBI Director and other investigating officers to change his statement. How uglier can it get? The fence itself is trying to eat the field.

After Vandana, filed a petition in SC, news articles come showing that Bengal police is trying to protect CBI Director. State CID questioned Jatin's wife Vandana but does not dare to question the CBI Director.

Where are we heading? It is looking like that the whole establishment is up in arms to protect a paedophile killer. What can be the reason? To me it is looking as if the whole establishment is paedophile and is intent on saving one of its own. Cap that with the fact that in a year 45000 children go missing and around 11000 we never hear of.

Is it the tip of the iceberg.

This calls for a citizens enquiry.

For SC, this is the time to show that it is an institution which can be trusted. It must follow this case to its logical conclusion. Not only of punishing Pandher but also everybody linked with this case.

We are watching Chief Justice.